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July 24th 14 · 0 notes

I really want the Christmas Holiday we just had again. It was such a good one and idk i feel really christmasssy atm and really want those 3 weeks all over again and go to new york for new year


Do it now something later becomes never Gym Life by LabNo4 on We Heart It -

Better sore than sorry
July 23rd 14 · 1 note Carb cycling fuck up

Annoyingly I have cocked up with my macros for the last three weeks I have been cycling for. Not even sure how it happened, I think I was looking at the wrong body type and worked out the maths on their figures which isn’t right for my body type! Which is slightly anoying! Re done all my macros and properly have it sorted for MY body type (Endomorph). Hopefully progress is more noticeable this time seeing as it appeared to stop over the last three weeks. Downloaded My Fitness Pal as well and god is that thing useful! Loving using it now. Lets give this another go! Going to attempt to keep to the macros at the festival this weekend 
Bellow is for my own reference really

Carb Cycling Macros for 79KG Endomorph:
High Carb Day: 120g Max
Pre: 42g
Post: 54g
Excess: 24g

Medium Carb Day: 80g Max
Pre: 28g
Post: 36g
Excess: 16g

Low Carb Day: 50g Max
Pre: 17.5g
Post: 22.5
Excess: 10g

Only lasts for 6-7 Weeks before having to go back to normal macros for carbs (120g a day for me) otherwise it messes up your body. Refeed every 12 days.

July 23rd 14 · 1 note

Keep digging your hole mate. I’m just going to push you in soon and it’s going to be fucking amazing

Lovebox Festival was fucking amazing yesterday #lovebox
Current condition for the second week of carb cycling. This was taken after a weekend of drinking with a couple of drunken cheat meals 🙊. Nonetheless there’s still progress and I’m slowly getting to my goals. A couple cheat meals here and there won’t make you fat, remember that.
#Eminem #MrPorter #DrDre #Wembley
What a fucking amazing night. #eminem #drdre #Wembley