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August 30th 14 · 0 notes

I need to go into Waterstones and just go in a buy random books that sound like they’d be good. Deff going to do a trip when my student loan comes in

August 19th 14 · 1 note

when i was fat i was eating around 11,000, if not more, kcals a day… I eat just under 2000 now…. (on cut season so have to). that drop in kcal intake man, fuck.

August 19th 14 · 0 notes

Currently freaking out over the MGS5 gameplay I have just watched. I’m buying that the second I get back from Reading on monday.

August 17th 14 · 2 notes

Once my flatmate leaves it’ll be so much easier to get over my ex. being home is helping as i dont have to see her lovebites on him daily, nor hear and see his phone constantly go off with texts from her on it…

August 17th 14 · 0 notes

Can’t wait to move back to uni next week, my new room is awesome. Its a shame I didn’t sort it out earlierĀ 

Also, mini rant. It pisses me off so much when people complain or winge about “having” to go to the gym in a hour, later on, or tomorrow or whatever. Sorry, but if you feel you “have” to go or you don’t want to go, then for one DONT GO. It’ll be a shit session and you are bound to not push yourself. Secondly, if you make it a chore to go to the gym, then fuck you are doing it for completely the wrong reasons and should re-evaluate a few thingsĀ 

Looked at some abandoned places today, we were only able to get into this one. Creepy as hell, man
August 9th 14 · 0 notes

all i fucking want is the new semester, bulking season, christmas, simpsons, gatsby, a cliff bar, and maybe nyc

August 9th 14 · 1 note

I want Christmas season already. Not even fussed about Christmas just love the month leading up to it and all the decorations and the season in general. AH

August 8th 14 · 0 notes

Going to make sure I get a refeed day every Sunday (double carb intake for the day) otherwise I’m going to plateau again like I have done and it’ll just go wrong! my last refeed was sadly two weekends ago so I’m making sure I hit this refeed on sunday and every sunday there out to make sure I can be the best me I can be. Similarly I’ve changed up my programme because its becoming physically and mentally draining and thats what it shoudn’t be. the days I have LISS in the morning, I can’t stay awake past 2pm without a nap. So I’m limiting to at the most TWO LISS sessions a week and maybe 3 HIIT at the most otherwise I’ll drain myself out. Its better to work hard and feel great then push too hard and feel drained. Being healthy and fit is all about feeling good and energised, not tired and drained (even on carb cycles!)Ā